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Uganda orders schools funded by Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates to be shut down
A legal tug-of-war between Ugandan authorities and a for-profit international chain of schools has led to the education provider being ordered to shut down in a matter of weeks, leaving the lives of thousands of pupils in limbo.

Climate change could render Sudan 'uninhabitable'
Sudan's ecosystems and natural resources are deteriorating and experts say that without quick intervention, parts of the African country -- one of the most vulnerable in the world -- could become uninhabitable as a result of climate change.

Zimbabwe is running out of money -- can a cashless society save it?
Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity, analysts argue, for Zimbabwe to really embrace the latest technological developments and adopt an alternative solution to their crisis: a completely cashless society.

What's it like to party in Dracula's Castle in Romania?
Here I was in the mysterious land of Transylvania, where bloodthirsty vampires hide, dressed as little "dead" riding hood and ready to experience Halloween for the first time at none other than Dracula's Castle...

Could waves become the next big renewable energy source?
The force of crashing waves can generate huge amounts of energy. But there's a catch: how do you develop technology that can withstand the sea's harsh environment with minimum disruption to the ecosystem?

These are among the most powerful migrant photos we've ever seen
It began when Agence France-Presse photographer Aris Messinis was on board the Spanish migrant rescue boat, NGO Proactiva Open Arms, in the Mediterranea Sea off the coast of Libya...

Why are the burqa and burkini being banned?
Burqas and the swimwear equivalent, burkinis are under more scrutiny in Europe this summer. What makes burqas, full-face veils and burkinis so controversial and why are efforts being made to ban them?

Crowds flock to Saudi Arabia's first Comic Con
The three-day festival was part of a government initiative to bring more entertainment to Saudi Arabia, which bans public cinemas and theater

Falcons on a plane: First class treatment for birds of prey
In the Middle East, falcons are the ultimate status symbol. And it's become routine for some falcon owners to have their birds join them, un-caged, aboard flights -- no matter if they're traveling in first class or economy.

Polar bears will struggle to survive if climate change continues, says report
As the Arctic heats up twice as fast as the rest of the world and sea ice and snow declines rapidly, polar bears will struggle to survive, according to a US government report published on Monday.

Brexit: 'Little kooky idea' arguments built groundswell of British support
It was a string of steady arguments that built support behind the "Leave" campaign, organizers and backers of that successful effort said.

Queen Elizabeth II's 12 prime ministers
During her 64-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been served by 12 prime ministers. Many relationships were formed -- from Winston Churchil, to "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher -- and some proved more difficult than others.

Hitler secretly wrote a biography that propelled him into power, historian says
In what has been called a "shameless but clever act of self-promotion," a historian revealed that an Adolf Hitler biography -- originally thought to have been penned by a German aristocrat -- was in fact written by Hitler himself.

The 3D-printed wheelchair: a revolution in comfort?
For millions of users, the essential mobility device can feel clinical, mechanical and uncomfortable. Now a British industrial designer thinks he's found the answer: 3D-printing.

Cirque Du Soleil's death-defying high-fliers
Performers seemingly defy physics as they fly effortlessly through the air -- but what you don't see is the blood, sweat and tears that go into training.

Underwater 'lost city' is a natural phenomenon, say scientists
New research published in the Marine and Petroleum Geology journal reveals an ancient underwater site was actually created by a natural geological phenomenon around five million years ago.

Doctors without borders rejects EU funds over 'dangerous policies'
Medical humanitarian organization DoctorsWithout Borders says it will no longer accept funds from the European Union because of its "shameful" and "damaging" migrant policies.

People care way too much about Theresa May's shoes
She's set to become the United Kingdom's next prime minister, but Theresa May isn't just being judged for her political ambition -- she's being graded on her fashion taste as well.

Neanderthals built mysterious circle structures found in French cave, scientists say
Mysterious circular structures found deep inside an underground cave in France are the work of Neanderthals who were living in the region more than 175,000 years ago, researchers believe.

Is this Aristotle's tomb?
Konstantinos Sismanidis, who has been painstakingly excavating the ruins of Stagira since 1990, told CNN his team has very strong evidence the 2,400-year-old tomb belongs to the great philosopher.

'Smart Parka' raised millions on Kickstarter... But that was the easy part.
In January 2015 Jamil Khan quit his job to pursue a somewhat crazy dream: to create the "best winter coat in the world." He wondered, since technology was consonantly transforming our lives, why weren't coat makers innovating?

What out USA -- Scottish haggis could be on its way
Haggis may not be everyone's favorite meal, but Americans may finally be allowed to eat the Scottish delicacy on native soil.

Britain's Royal Navy warships are breaking down because the sea is too warm
Britain's £1bn warships are losing power in the Persian Gulf because they cannot cope with the warm waters, MPs have been told.

London deploys 600 extra armed police following terror attacks across Europe
As part of a new anti-terrorism operation, 600 additional armed officers will be present in highly visible locations across the UK capital to protect against the threat of attacks.

Chinese tourist mistaken as asylum seeker, spends 2 weeks in shelter
A Chinese tourist spent almost two weeks at a refugee shelter in Germany after authorities mistakenly assumed he was applying for asylum, an official with the German Red Cross told CNN.

Articles written from the west bank

Life inside a refugee camp
Sixty-five years after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war launched a Palestinian diaspora, many Palestinians still live in overcrowded refugee camps.

To fight or to flee
Violent clashes and imprisonment are part of everyday live for Palestinians who resist the occupation.

Behind the wall
A visit to the West Bank opens the eyes of a young reporter.

articles written from Jerusalem, Israel

Living in the promised land
Life in the Old City, where different ethnic groups mingle, can be challenging, but for Orthodox Jews it's the promised land.

Articles written for

See Australia like never before
A photographer's timelapse video has captured the stunning remote scenery of Central and Western Australia.

Antarctica: The most beautiful place on earth
From blue ice to breaching whales, this breathtaking video provides a rare insight into the continent few people visit.


Ex-hostage: Nigel Brennan
In a country notorious for armed conflict, with extremely high threats of terrorist attacks and dangerous levels of violent crime lies Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan in a dark, ridiculously tiny room on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somali. "It was fucking pandemonium," he says almost four years after the experience.

Kony 2012 — An Unraveling Truth
It seemed so simple. A malicious warlord by the name of Joseph Kony was in hiding. He had committed countless atrocities, including the abduction of more than 30,000 children in Central Africa since 1987. Undeniably, something had to be done.

If a bomb goes off in Syria, does it make a sound?
A bomb blast in Iraq and a bomb blast in Boston all hurt the same and a life should not be valued greater than any other when it's based purely on geography and privilege, or lack thereof.


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